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Alexis B.
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

His fingertips brushed the outline of her body as if tracing a drawing from memory, making sure to color inside the lines

Her eyes fluttered open.

She wanted this moment, captured in a snowglobe, frozen in eternity.

The morning, drifting to evening, accompanied by the sounds of guitar strums and the scent of lingering coffee.

He smiled, apprehensive and gentle,

All the uncertainties raveled in a single line, resting between his brows.

Unspoken words vibrated to the response of each movement, ricocheting to create a familiar melody.

A melody that only they could hear.

Their culture, worlds apart, separated by…

How will you be remembered?

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

Close your eyes and nothingness appears,
It is here where your mind wanders — aimlessly
Searching for a change in the current,
The shift in frames transposes the world
Your ego becomes your deterrent
A day is suddenly years.

You stand in the midst of the chaos,
The noise pulling you in all directions,
Craving for a breadth of unfamiliarity
The way you and I need food to survive.
The truth we see — a rarity.
Where are your virtues, your gravitas?

The timelessness of today brims with energy
An ebullient flow of decisions,
Remember, these lingering feelings are temporary
Creating a chasm…

A poem

Photo by Yuvraj Singh on Unsplash

I remember when,
The future was just around the corner.
Like pedaling down a hill
The destination in plain view — within reach.
Now it rests,
Somewhere between the cumulous clouds,
Out of focus. Blurry. Untouchable.
I remember when,
You used to squeeze my palms,
A sign of reassurance,
The permeation of wishful absolutes.
Now you cringe, at the slightest touch.
These exchanges,
My afterthoughts.

Funny how,
The very things that used to spike serotonin levels
Are now the reasons behind the tears.
The release of your presence is like
Ripping the bandaid off a fresh wound
Necessary, yet afflictive.
Leave it on too long and…

What would they look like?

Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

If emotions could take form,
What would they look like?
A twisted knot that constantly changes shape?
Would anger envelope the form of a starving wolf?
Ready to attack any unlucky prey?
Would love have an aurora of light
Shifting to different characters in our lives?
How would you describe a panic attack
To someone who has never felt it?
We assign emotions to objects, colors, and people.
Psychology teaches us that blue imbues a sense of calmness,
Society declares red lipstick seeks no validation,
Philosophy challenges us to make amends,
While meditation advises us to simply acknowledge it.
We are all trapped by our emotional responses

A Poem

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Sometimes, I like to view my life from the perspectives of others.

In a room full of people, how does the red bottom shoed high-end businesswoman view me? Does she pity my lunch choice? My style?

What about the young skater boy? Is he envious of my freedom? Unaware of its limitations by society.

Or the impeccably defined muscular weightlifter? Engrossed in how far he can push his body’s limits, does he think I lack self discipline?

These perspectives, they swirl in my mind, like a wheel spinner at a carnival, rotating until the the little red arrow slowly lands…

This poem is not about you

Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash

Time will move on without you,
I don’t need more trust issues.
I will not indulge in your games,
I hope you enjoyed the lessons.

You tried to ruin my element
With your provocative accusations.
Honestly, I’m tired of waiting,
I need a vacation from your excuses.

There’s not enough space for two,
So I dance in my room alone.
The fitted dress hugging my hips
Do not invite your comments.

Don’t tell me about your insecurities
So I would boost your confidence.
You think you’re right
When you don’t have a clue.

You can’t take away my peace
Nor use…

A Poem

Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

She entered your life like a freight train,
Obliterating everything in its path.
I’m not here for a long time, she said,
With her untainted eyes.
Before any assumptions,
Unannounced expectations could arise.
Still, he couldn’t help,
But stare at her elegance,
As if she was the only being.
Her radiance consumed
All attention — even speculations,
Without permission.
In the midst of a crowded cafe,
Her melodious voice sang the tunes
Of empty promises — not compromises,
But full of kisses
That never diminishes.
One apprehensive smile,
A slight glance,
Was all it took,
For the storm to approach.
She didn’t know…

A Sunday Poem

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

You tasted sweet,
Like the cotton candy served at a summer fair
Knowing perfectly well how terrible it would be
It never stopped me from indulging.
I did not ask to remember this taste
But it lingers in the back of my mouth
Like the last words you said to me
Before you walked out our front door.
Neither one of us admitting
To the ever-expanding space between us.
You shielded all my affections
With a reflective mirror.
I don’t know when the goodbyes
Became easier than the hellos.
I wish someone had told my younger self
Sometimes, a hug doesn’t feel good
Forced out of fear and routine,
It is…

A letter to my home state

Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon. Author’s Image

Dear Oregon,

The longest place I have ever spent time in,
You are the reason I am me;
Why petrichor is a word that exists in my vocabulary,
Why I sometimes long for coastal waves.
Your pristine nature is impeccable,
Unable to be replicated or captured
From every shade of blue mountains
To everything in between green trees.
I’ll always remember
The delicate hints of various fruits in your pinot noir,
The inhale of intense resin from the pine trees.
If I could capture the feeling of soaking in a hot spring,
It would be the taste of fizzy kombucha flavored with local honey,
The past time of chasing waterfalls,
Childhood memories filled…

Alexis B.

Yearning to travel the world and to connect with people from a diversity of lived experiences.

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